During my short tenure on earth I have found that beauty’s home is not amongst the exalted, but instead exists within the mundane. I continuously endeavor to uncover the poignant and powerful within everyday life and activities.

The vast array of everyday human interactions are filled with tactile, gut-busting irony that I try to capture on canvas – if only for a fleeting moment. The errant laugh during a tragedy. The lone tear when our smiles falter. The involuntary headshake when we get ourselves into the most untenable of situations. The manifestation of physical pain when we disappoint those we love.

Over the last 15 years I have tried to translate these everyday human experiences in a style I have come to deem Primary Pop Surrealism.

My most recent works have been grappling with the intersection between hope and hopelessness, and personal curiosity versus societal stagnation. The feeling of being torn between these polarities are translated with bold primary colors and symbols existing and contrasting within the same canvas extents.

Drawing heavily from my Caymanian heritage the vibrancy of the paintings reflect the vibrant life and colors I have come to love growing up in the islands.

I continue to push boundaries and am currently working on a series of prints that pits two infamous Caymanian characters against each other in various locations readily recognizable by locals of the Cayman Islands.


Schmarrah McCarthy